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Before coming to see Gail, I have had several problems, some of which I have experienced for most of my life. I have had acne on both my face and my back as well as mood swings and depression since I was a teenager. In the last few years, I also started experiencing digestion problems and constant tiredness which led me to not be able to function properly at work.
Less than a month after seeing Gail for the first time, I started to see surprisingly good changes. My acne was almost gone, my energy level was higher and my mood was much better and I felt overall much more balanced. Three months into the treatment I can say I no longer experience any of the problems I have had for most of my life.
Antonio G.

​​I have a history of back pain due to a herniated disc in my lower back. A couple of times a year due to lifting/turning/jerking a certain way I will have pain (at times hard to get out of bed). This time the pain was not so severe that I could not get out of bed, but could not carry my 3 year old or bend over, etc. After 2 acupuncture sessions with Gail and I am pain free, and even went skiing the following week and was pain free!
Deborah M.

I had been suffering from symptoms as a result of food sensitivities such as stomach aches and skin irritation. In addition, my atopic dermatitis (eczema), was flared up. After being on the supplements Gail recommended, the most dramatic improvement is in my skin. I am also able to tolerate some of the foods I am sensitive to and have not had one stomach ache.
Nicole M.

How were you before you came to see Gail? Blood pressure was always high and needed medicine, High anxiety, Night sweats, Weight gain
How is it now? Taking blood pressure meds every 4th day now Anxiety level reduced Less night sweats Losing weight
Rick O.

Before: Plagued with horrible itching and burning arms. On Lexipro anti-anxiety meds. Herpes outbreak every other week. How is it now? 99% better. Still some itching. A lot more energy. Off Lexipro-feel great. 3-4 times less herpes outbreaks.
Carrie L.

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