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or Ways to Have Optimum Health, Prevent Dis-ease, Look & Feel Younger

With commitment, time and effort, it is possible to travel the road of optimum health in order to be disease-free, handle current states of disease, as well as maintain youthfulness.

I have seen the gamut of diseased conditions enter my office. It’s not a pretty picture, so I made a commitment to stay on a course of prevention. Hearing of the side effects of medications, the invasive surgeries and downright scary diagnostic tests my patients went through was incentive enough for me to incorporate anything I could to prevent disease.

While studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I learned how important it was to have the digestive system in tip-top shape. If not, then how would one repair and re-energize the body to grow healthfully in order to cope with life’s daily challenges and stay feeling youthful?

Like a car, we can run optimally on all 12 cylinders, or on fewer and experience slowdowns and break-downs. I often wonder why some people take better care of their cars than they do their own body.

Through TCM and Nutrition Response Testing, I analyze your body’s condition and then design a personalized program of Health Improvement and/or Weight Management using Acupuncture (needle-less available), Herbs and Whole Food Nutrition (as found in nature, rather than synthetically or chemically produced).

The ways of prevention are the same ones that hold back the aging process. My goal is to help your body return to a better state of health and maintain youthful energy with safe, natural ways.

Contact me today for a complimentary evaluation and to discuss how I can assist you on your journey to OPTIMUM HEALTH AND WELLNESS, reach me at my office 818-808-0888 or on my cell 818-437-4325.

Gail Freedman, L. Ac